Welcome to BTC Secret

I have been meaning to write about Bitcoin, the BlockChain, the Ethereum Virtual Machine and those topics for a long time, only life got in the way, it usually does. However, something has really been bothering me as of late. Before I get started I want to say how long I have been into this world:

I mined my first Bitcoins on 20 of August of 2010 

I was writing articles about Bitcoin since 2015: https://www.ptcsecret.com/?s=bitcoin

That is what I have available to show at the moment regarding how long I have been in this world, I invite you to visit the link with some of my articles, maybe you will find something useful. I could write a lot of different life experiences or about how yesterday I was paid in Bitcoin and about how they are still something I used today for different reasons. But I won’t go there, not today.

What bothers me is that I has been giving unasked, unpaid, advice for a decade, some of which would have turn into something. I never had a lot of resources to invest myself so I get little but I get. The persons who have just ignore me, they even have mocked me sometimes. Just to eat their words in the end. That gives me satisfaction to be honest.

But I learned with this fall of crypto, the ongoing “crypto-winter”, that some of my contacts paid advisors, finantial advisors, crypto advisors. They bought Luna between other cryptos. They lost a lot, I lost nothing. But then, when it came time to pay me for other IT services I provide, they couldn’t pay me. That is when I learned that, instead of even taking some of my free advice, they paid for it.

At first I wondered: “Why didn’t they even think about paying me for that instead? I did my simulation of Luna and that had no future, I knew it…”

But then I began thinking that, the person I know who has been the longest on this, who has written scripts to handle Bitcoin, who has written code in Solidity and launched Smart Contracts, and who is looking into Solana and Cardano and writing code and keeping up to date and who is living of this, is me.

I lanched and worked in PTC Secret because at that time I wanted to help people avoiding some of the traps and the lots of scams that existed back then on the PTC (paid-to-click) world. That is when I got BTC Secret to do the same. I think the time has come, We are on the verge of a recession, we have war, the food supply threatened, oil prices going up. I think it is time to share what I know, it is just not enough to keep all I know for me, maybe I can at least help somebody lose some money, or who knows, maybe make some. It is still our world, and we are in this together, not everybody sees it that way, and they will squeeze every last cent out of us, if we let them.